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​Established in May of 2011, Cooking Thyme offers a safe environment of culinary inspiration through children's summer camps and after-school programs that encourage creativity, responsibility, and good ole fashioned fun! 

Cooking Thyme also teaches our Little Chefs how healthy eating choices do not have to mean yucky eating choices. No matter how picky your Little Chef may be, experience has taught us that kids will eat what they make. Soon your child will be coming home exclaiming, “It’s not just green. It’s Guacamole!”

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About Cooking Thyme: A Letter From The Owner Rachel Moore
​​I grew up in a home where the kitchen was seldom empty and I quickly learned that wherever there is food, there is discovery! Not only does cooking bring together lively friends and family, it is a buffet of innovation. From the vivid colors of the heirloom tomatoes to the refreshing flavor of fresh squeezed lemonade; from the crackling aroma of sautéing onions to the delicate texture of an avocado, cooking engages all our senses and ignites our imagination.

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Finally, there may come a day when our children will need to do more than cook for themselves. Right now they are learning the virtues of independence and the consequences for their choices. This is why our cooking classes teach even the littlest chefs the merits of responsibility, common sense, and generosity. If you want your child to learn these valuable life skills through the inspiration of cooking, we would be delighted to serve you.

​Rachel Moore - Owner
Chef Rachel Moore, the heart and mind behind Cooking Thyme, is a Louisiana girl, born and raised just north of New Orleans…and we all know what that means! Great food! She comes from a family of great cooks, including an Italian mother and Italian aunts. Learning from their culinary skills is how she developed an enjoyment and love for cooking. 

In 2009, she married her best friend, Zach. Shortly after they moved to the hustle and bustle of Capitol Hill, she started teaching at a local preschool. That summer she and a co-worker had the opportunity to run a summer camp for young children. The best idea that came to mind was the thing she loved to do when she was young…cook!

She has been teaching children how to cook for seven years now (five of those year before coming to DC). After gaining such a great response from teaching the summer camp in 2010, she and her husband decided to make their passion into a bigger reality. So, in 2011, they officially launched “Cooking Thyme!”, with a “Little Chefs” program for 3 to 9 year olds and a “C.I.T. (Chefs in Training)!” program for 9 to 12 year olds.
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Bon Appétit!

Rachel Moore, Owner and Head Chef